Better team communication/notification options

It would be SUPER helpful if we were able to:

  1. attach images/docs to a Dashboard message - could be a PDF or JPG - a flyer, gif etc. We have a Messenger group to do this, but it would be better to centralise this into cliniko, and add notifications to practitioners mobile numbers possibly??

  2. to be able to add a “post-it” note to a day so everyone could see it on their own appointment schedule. Could be for a birthday, notification that a practitioner is away/unwell or that a supplier will be visiting the clinic etc. Or have the Dashboard appear on the day rather than a different menu item. Busy people forget to check dashboard!

  3. Be able to create an appointment/event on a day and have a “all therapists” or select ‘certain therapists’ button, so I can create one session and repeat to all the team, rather than having to do it 28 times for 28 different therapists! eg. for a meeting or a deadline :slight_smile:

Could this be considered please!