Better options for Cliniko access levels


It would be great if the user levels and feature access were presented in a table, so you could have more control over who has access to each feature in Cliniko. I have included a link to a sample of this from another product.


For example, I’d like to give a VA access to reports only available to the current admin level, but no access to anything else.

There could be a “use default permissions” button to reset things to Cliniko’s suggested options.


Customisable access levels would also be useful for my practice. My front office staff require access to some reports and need to be able to print notes or other documents attached to client files; but it’s currently an “all or nothing” situation. As the owner - I really don’t want anyone other than myself and my accountant to be able to access our financials. With that said - if you don’t fix this; it would be useful to have more visibility of what information staff are accessing.