Bad debts - how to treat them?



We have an invoice in Cliniko where we know we are not going to recover the full amount from the client (the amount is less than $1).

We know we could change the original invoice to be the same as the amount we have received, but are there other ways to treat bad debts in Cliniko? BTW, our accounts sync with Xero.


Hey Tim,

I generally recommend creating a new billable item called “Write-off”.
Once you have that, edit the invoice you wish to write off, and add the new billable item to it. Set the amount to a negative amount equal to the amount you wish to write-off. That will get the outstanding invoice off your books. It will also show up on your practice revenue reports so you know how much you are writing off.
But if others have better ideas, I’d love to hear them too!


Hi Jim, while that sounds a good idea, what happens when that client books again in 6 months time. Their account balance is zero, so you could easily miss the opportunity to charge them what you are rightfully owed.
The best way is to create an expense for the write off amount with the clients name in the notes.
This still leaves the outstanding amount of their account for future reference.

I would like to see from Cliniko a flag that is shown (green and red) with the amount that the client is in or out of credit when you make a booking and choosing the patients name from the drop down. This drop down should also include their date of birth. (if you have more than one client with the same name.