Back-Date Treatment Notes (that aren't associated with appointments)


Is there a way to back date a treatment note or place a new treatment note further down the list (these notes aren’t associated with any appointments on Cliniko)?

I am currently exporting notes from a different system but it does not integrate with other software so it is a long, manual process. I just don’t want to cover the most recent treatment notes with old ones and have our staff wading through old notes to get to their current ones.



I’m afraid there isn’t a way to change the order of Treatment Notes. Currently they are ordered by creation date. So if you add 5 new Treatment Notes, even if they were associated with appointments 2 years ago, they would still appear in order of when they were created in Cliniko. What most clinics do is upload those Treatment Notes within Patient Files. That way they can add a description to the uploaded File/Treatment Note and it won’t affect the current order of Treatment Notes.