Automatically Email or SMS/Messenger a Missed Appointment

Include the option to instigate a sequence, x amount of minutes after a patient fails to attend their scheduled appointment.
Option to send an Email or SMS/Messenger
Option to send a predetermined message based on the type of appointment missed:
New Patient
Regular Appointment
Group Session/Class
Email, SMS/Messenger must include an hyperlink to rebook the appointment.
Doctor is notified that “Jon Doe” who missed their “New Patient Appointment / Regular Appointment/ Group Session/Class” on DDMMYY has rescheduled their appointment on DDMMYY at hhmm.
Also after 24-48 hours be able to create a report as to how has not rescheduled so that telephone call can be made.

Hi @drtezmolloy, thanks so much for the suggestions! While Cliniko does not have these functions at present, have you investigated 3rd party applications like They have a great suite of patient interaction features that may suit some of your needs here.

I can see how these features would be very useful and save a lot of time!


Awesome thanks Marcus