Automatic sending out invoices

With Covid I have integrated online booking and online payment via Stripe and this works well.

However, there are cases where at the end of an appointment session, we book the patients next appointment in house. This appointment is therefore not paid at the time as it may be 3 months ahead. Also, I don’t want to spend the time going through online booking and payment in clinic but prefer to send them an invoice say 2 days before their upcoming appointment (if it has not been paid as a result of them having booked an appointment online).

Currently, sending out the invoices is a manual job, albeit just a few clicks per invoice. Would it be possible to include the functional such that we could turn on automatic sending of invoices at a pre-selected time, say 1,2 days before or even after an appointment (which some practices may prefer?
I am finding that people are happy to pay the invoice upfront which has several benefits not least; minimises now shows, avoids then having to send a missed appointment payment request and finally saves time in clinic having to take payments.

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