Automatic Send - Unpaid Accounts

Report shows outstanding accounts - great!
Now a way to automatically resend outstanding invoices - ideally if you could mark as ‘Overdue’ and automatically send with an added prompt “Your invoice is outstanding please pay immediately”.

The current process of reporting - and then individually resending is very labour intensive.


This would be really helpful and an easy integration i would have thought. Fingers crossed. Be good to have an email template in for “outstanding invoices” which you could create to go with it

Completely agree. Need an email template for “outstanding invoices” and even better if sent them automatically. I mentioned this to support and they said that said that as the invoices dont have due by date this isnt a feature they could do at the moment. Would be great to have in the invoice set up options to select your payment terms (eg 14 days) and it would automatically add this as the due date on the invoice.