Automatic patient recall reminders

Ability to tick a box that sets up an automatic recall for a check-up. Had this facility on our previous diary system, to be honest it I had done my homework 100%, wouldn’t have switched without this facility. It’s causing us a lot of stress.


This would be an incredibly useful feature! If the practitioner could tick a box, to recall a patient in say 1 week, 3 weeks, 3 months (customisable) that would be perfect!


This would be great; especially if it was possible at the time of cancellations as well :+1:

Hi @Penny, @ARowney and @Paul_Gloury, this is available via A widget floating on top of your Cliniko screen will give you all of these functions; Not only for recalls or cancellations, but for any criteria that you wish.
This feature also goes far beyond just a tickbox → you can snooze, click Done, click left voice mail, send pre-created SMS and Email templates and much more.

Please have a chat with us in we will help you set it up. :+1: