Automated survey for each appointment


Hi everyone.

I would like to have the capability to automatically have a survey form sent to my clients on the day after their appointment, presumably via email or by whatever is possible/available.

I want the client to choose a rating (e.g. either great/good/ok/poor) and have an optional free text feedback box that is limited to a configurable number of characters, say 150. I don’t want to be reading war & peace with each survey feedback.

I am aware that Cliniq can do this, but I don’t want to pay 100% of their pricing for using only 5% of the product capability.

Any suggestions?




I was about to request this very thing!
A simple likehart scale would be great to track how each therapist is going. I too have considered Cliniq apps but I’m already using Finger Ink and I’m not looking to 17 different subscriptions to achieve a small feature from each provider.