Automated Recalls

Would like the option to be able to link a recall type to a specific service so that when a service is carried out, that recall is automatically generated against the client record.

This would be super handy to save the manual aspect and having to remember to add the recall if is a common process. We could use this for likes of sending aftercare advice, follow up calls, sending rehab plans etc.

I think it would make the recall function so much more valuable


I agree that some sort of checkbox/function in the ‘appointment type’ area could automate a recall - whether that is adding to the recall list (for phone calls), or if it’s connecting to a ‘letter’ for email recalls ie. if patient isn’t rebooked in 1 week after first visit (New patient) or 2 weeks after re-exam etc. a recall email could be sent without manually needing to do this (this may be do-able on cliniqapps(?))

Hi, yes this is correct @qpc we at provide all the tools necessary to achieve this. We also will give you the phone list if the patients don’t book appointment via emails, SMS etc and also give a one click to call and tracking capability for the phone calls. Basically we make it easy for you. Please have a chat with us in the platform. We will help you set it up.