Automated Google reviews


Im looking for an easy to use system for increasing google reviews from our patients.

Have tried using cliniqapps but its so complicated to even just try and upload our business logo, I cannot be bothered with it anymore.

Ideally would like a system for reviews that will also allow for patient intake forms etc

Any ideas?! thanks

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Hi, I use cliniq apps and whilst I understand that it is complicated, if you ask them for what you want they will create it for you. You could set up an automated email or sms with the google reviews link in it. You could have an automation that will go out after a certain amount of appointments with a link to your google reviews. Or it could send a task to the dashboard for you to then send an email yourself if you want to personalise it more. That email could be set up as a template so its ready to go. You could also use the feedback from the client survey you can do through clinq apps as a basis for who you may ask for a review. If people give you a high score and provide comments and they have a gmail account then ask them to provide a review. Just a few thoughts that may or may not be helpful :slight_smile: