Automated client contracts

Hi, I’ve searched but not found any existing threads about this, apologies if I’ve missed one. It would be really neat if there were a way that Cliniko could send out an automated contract to new clients, either a form for them to complete online (to be saved in their Cliniko record) or a simple T&Cs document. At the moment I supply my client agreement in hard copy or by email, the client selects their communication options and ticks to say they’ve received the privacy policy (which I also mail out or give hard copy, but it could be an online link), sign it to accept the terms, returns it to me and I file it. If it could be sent out by Cliniko, filled in online by the client, and saved to their record this would be fantastic, provided there was an audit trail that they had submitted it themselves. Perhaps there is already a way to do something like this? If not, it would be great if there were a forms and/or contracts option. Many thanks, Amanda

Hey Amanda,

Brendan from Finger-Ink here! We provide iPad forms for Cliniko that would do exactly what you want — except that, for now, they need to be filled out in clinic.

If you’re looking for something that does the online forms, as you describe, then check out Cliniq Apps.

Hope that helps!


p.s. we’re not affiliated with Cliniko, but our app does integrate with Cliniko to provide required functionality. If you’re interested in learning more check out