Auto generate invoices for multiple appointments


I bill my patients at the end of each month for that month. Can we please have a way to generate automatically invoices for multiple appointments? For example, when we hit "arrived’, that appointment could automatically be put on a list of attended/billable hours. We could then go to that list and tick the hours for that month’s (or whatever time period) invoice and have the invoice automatically generated.

I like the account statement function, but as I understand it, it requires that I generate an invoice for each appointment, which is time consuming and seems unnecessary if one bills monthly. It would be great to have a more streamlined option that doesn’t require generating an invoice after each appointment.

Is there any chance you might implement something like this?


I would like this feature too, for billing insurance intermediaries who want the invoice before paying up for a whole authorised number of sessions.


Hi again,

This is becoming an issue for me since I bill monthly and the current way of doing this is time consuming.

Could we please get a response if there you have any plans to chance the current system? As mentioned above, I would ideally like:

  1. When I mark a client as having attended a session this would automatically end up on a list of unbilled sessions for that client.
  2. At the end of the month, I go to that list, tick the sessions that I want included on the invoice for that month and then press ‘generate invoice’.

Another, perhaps simpler, way would be if there was an option to automatically generate an invoice when marking attendance. That way I at least wouldn’t have to create an invoice for each individual session and I could use the statement function at the end of the month.

Might either of those options be possible?



We don’t have any plans currently to implement an automatic Invoice process. You can, however, generate a Report of appointments/sessions that don’t have an Invoice associated.

To do this, you’ll need to perform a “Data Export”, though don’t worry though, it’s a lot easier than it sounds!

  1. Head to Settings → Data & docs → Data Exports
  2. Select “Appointments”, and set the date range of appointments you’d like to include
  3. Click “Export Data”
  4. Once the file finishes generating, download it and open it in Excel.
  5. Sort/filter by the Invoice Number column (if nothing is listed in means an Invoice hasn’t been generated).

That said, you’ll still need to create the Invoice for each patient listed manually. We’ve attempted to make the Invoice process a quick 3 click process but if we plan on adding full automation, I’ll let you know. Currently though, nothing in the works or in future development plans.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for letting me know and for suggesting a temporary workaround. That is helpful. I don’t really need automatic invoicing, but rather some function that eliminates the need to generate invoices for each individual session.

Wouldn’t it be possible (and straightforward?) to add a function that saves each attended session in a list of attended/billable sessions so that we can just tick off the ones we want to bill for in one single invoice at the end of a month or billing period? Given that Cliniko offers easy invoicing for individual sessions and also offers the ability to print an account statement, it doesn’t seem like there would be too much to do to implement some flexibility in how we generate invoices.

I imagine I’m not the only customer who bills patients monthly and who doesn’t want to generate invoices throughout the day?

Anyway, here’s hoping that you guys will consider implementing this!