Auto blocking out time for note taking after an appointment

Hi, apologies if I’ve missed this on a previous thread…

Is there a way to get Cliniko to auto black out 15 mins after each appointment to give me time to take payment and write up notes? So, for example, charge the patient 45 mins but block out and hour’s worth of time before I can start a new appointment.

Any help greatly appreciated!


can you just set up your appt lengths to be 15mins longer than needed?
so for 45min appts make it a 60min appt length?

Thanks Greg, I’m new to Cliniko so din’t realise that was an option - just so I’m clear…for example can I block out 60 minute slot, but only allow patients to book 45 mins of that time?

you can have it set so that patients cant see the length of time an appointment is set for.

So if you have an appointment type called Subsequent Consult which may be a 30min consult, you can make that booking time actually be 40mins. Then in the description if you choose to you can write the actual appointment length (or not specify at all) or you could include the length in the appointment type - eg Subsequent Consult 30min etc for different lengths.

What has been mentioned above :point_up_2: is currently going to be the best way to do this! So long as you make the appointment longer than it actually is, and then hide the duration from patients (which you can do in your online bookings settings), you can add some extra time to the end so that you can do paperwork, etc. before the next patient is due!


Thanks, but I don’t really want to hide the appointment time - after all, if a patient is trying to book a 45 minute appointment then I want them to see that they have booked 45 minutes. For now I think I’ll have to just book the time out manually - thanks for your help both!

That’s a good point, @HPLT68! What I probably should have mentioned in my earlier response was that, for anyone who goes this route, you can give the appointment type a name that will make it clear to the patient that they’re booking a certain duration—for example. “Initial Consult (45 minutes)”. They would then see this while booking online:

Just wanted to throw that out there in case it helped at all! :slight_smile: