Australian Medicare integration is LIVE!

Folks, it’s here: the Australian Medicare integration has arrived! :tada: :raised_hands: :hugs:

You can now process bulk bills and patient claims for Medicare from right within Cliniko. We’ve tightly integrated with Medipass (a digital health payment company) to provide this functionality for you. You’ll need to sign up for an account with Medipass (if you haven’t already) and they’ll help you with getting set up for Medicare claiming. You can find a link to do this from right within your Cliniko settings, on the integrations page.

:point_up: Note: Medipass understandably have fees for Medicare claiming. Cliniko customers get a discounted rate of 20c per transaction (minimum $10 p/month for your business). In your Medipass account’s subscription settings, enter CLNKO-24-MPASS to grab that discount—learn more here!

Note: As Medipass is a separate company, they do have their own fees—but Cliniko customers get a discount. In your Medipass account’s subscription settings, enter CLNKO-24-MPASS to grab that discount— learn more here !

Once you have your account with Medipass and you’ve integrated it with Cliniko, you can begin processing your claims. We have a couple of different guides to walk you through the process for either bulk bills or patient claims:

We encourage reviewing those articles, as they’ll explain everything in depth for you! But, of course we still have quick summary for you here, too!

If you prefer videos, we have a quick Medicare demo for you right here:

Read on for more on all things Medicare!

Processing patient claims for Medicare

The key bit to remember here is that you’ll have to first enter the patient’s payment as you normally would. Once you’ve done that, on the invoice, you’ll see the option to process a patient claim:

Upon selecting “Patient claim”, you’ll be presented with the claim form, which will look like this:

There are plenty of options in the claim form, and we go through each part of it here. For the most part, you won’t have much to enter, as it will come across automatically from Cliniko.

Once you’re finished filling out the claim form, you’ll be able to view a summary before submitting the claim:

To review the status of the claim, you can see this on the invoice at anytime:

And you can download the benefit form to give to the patient, as well!

As mentioned, you can read the in-depth tutorial on processing patient claims here.

Processing bulk billing for Medicare

With bulk billing claims, you won’t need to enter a payment. After you create an invoice for a patient, you’ll see the option to create a bulk billing claim on the payment page:

You’ll then be able to fill out all the claim details (more information on all the bits and pieces of that form here). Again, Cliniko will do most the work for you here:

After you submit the claim, you’ll be able to see its status on the invoice:

If you’d like more details on this process, head over here!

We hope that you find this integration useful, of course, if you have any questions, please let us know! :hugs:

Like the idea but it’s a shame the Referral details have to be added manually and aren’t linked to the “Referring Doctor” data (via the Contacts section) -would be great to add fields to Client Details that autopopulate the Referral Details so that we don’t have to look up the Referral Issue Date etc each time.


How do we record the clients agreement for benefits to be paid direct to practitioners?
Will item code 288 be accepted for processing? Currently I have to claim via PRODA for this code.

I agree it would be useful to have the referring doctor info imported to the claim. It is annoying to look up referral details each time.


Congratulations. Hopefully you will now be able to do the same for ACC in NZ.

Any chance Cliniko users can get a special promo code from the Medipass team for Medipass Pro?

Hi @joshdcam!

Our guide on getting connected with Medipass has the code you need! I’ll copy it here-

Cliniko customers get a discount. In your Medipass account’s subscription settings, enter
CLNKO-24-MPASS to grab that discount—
learn more here !

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