Australian Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) integration is now LIVE!

Good news, everyone: the Australian Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) integration has arrived! :tada:

You can now process patient claims for Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) directly within Cliniko.

In order to process DVA claims, you’ll need to have your Cliniko account integrated with Medipass (a digital health payment company). The integration with Medipass also allows you to raise Medicare and Private Health insurance claims from Cliniko.

You can find a link to sign-up by heading to Settings → Integrations within your account. The Medipass team will help you with getting your business set up for DVA claiming.

Just note: Medipass is a separate company, they will have their own fees—but Cliniko customers receive a discount — learn more here !

Once you have your account with Medipass and you’ve integrated it with Cliniko , you can begin processing your claims. We have a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process for DVA patient claims:

Below is a quick summary of the integration.

Adding a DVA card number

If you edit a patient’s details, you’ll now see an option to enter the patient or client’s DVA number in the General information section:

When you process DVA claims for the patient, their DVA number will now be automatically populated.

Processing claims for DVA

In order to process a DVA claim, you won’t need to enter a payment . After you create an invoice for the patient or client, you’ll see the option to create a Dept. of Veteran Affairs claim on the payment page (underneath the Payment summary section):

You’ll then be able to fill out all the DVA claim details. Thankfully, Cliniko will do most the work for you here. If any of DVA details already exist in Cliniko, they’ll be included automatically—but you can of course manually enter/modify anything as needed:

After you submit the claim, you’ll be able to see its status on the invoice. Also, there is no need for you to enter a payment at this point, because the invoice is now awaiting DVA’s approval on this claim .

Recording DVA payment

Once the claim is approved by DVA, you’ll see the “Paid” status under the DVA section of the invoice:

If you’ve set up a DVA payment allocation in your Medipass settings (Settings → Integrations) , the payment will be automatically allocated to the invoice when the claim is approved. Otherwise, you’ll have to record the payment manually.

For full details on the DVA integration and changes check out our support guide.