Audit and Activity Log for users


As per discussion in Access/Audit logging, adding a request for a Audit log that can be available to Administrators to review activity by users on the Platform.

Activities that should be tracked include :

  • Moves/Adds/Changes/Deletes (MACD) to Patient records
  • MACD to Appointments (we get some of this from Appointment Logs, but could be more comprehensive)
  • MACD to Invoices and Products (Invoice Activity log was FR’ed at Invoice activity log)
  • MACD to users and Administrators.

The lack of ability to track these at the moment is a significant Security and Privacy Risk. It could allow Security and Privacy breaches to be covered up without a trail, and this has significant implications for Health Records in a variety of jurisdictions.

Please add to the request list.


Access/Audit logging