Attachments To Letter / Email



I would like to be able to attach PDF’s to an email in the ‘Letter’ section.

We often need to send out Blood Results to our patients and having to use an external system to do this isn’t best practice. We like to see the footprint of everything we do with our patients.

I hope this could be implemented soon.


I agree.

I also want to be able to attach a note to emails when I send them out - esp to 3rd party payers


I would like this too. I send out gait analysis reports to almost every client so being able to attach documents would save so much time.


This would be such a brilliant function for us to enable us to send out PDfs directly to patients prior to their visit rather than having to create then print, all for saving the planet here :slight_smile:


The most important bit is missing here. SECURITY. The attachments you add can be seen by all Practitioners. The attachments should really only be viewable by the Practitioner (on basis of setting that only Practitioner can see their own treatment notes). This should be true of attachments. Especially with GDPR