Attaching PDFs to treatment notes

Hi, I am another clinician who would benefit greatly from being able to attach a PDF to a specific treatment note. My sessions often involve a writing sample or phonetic transcriptions. Every now and then, I also do a session-type where a scanned note is a better option than a typed one. All of these things really need to be attached to the relevant note; bundling them all together in files makes things very messy and frankly disorganised, no matter how carefully one names their files. I can only imagine how bad it must get for practices with multiple clinicians, especially multidisciplinary ones.

I wanted to add my support for this feature as a new topic, rather than just a reply; many of us really want this feature, but we tend to just add replies agreeing, rather than reposting the request, so I’m not sure if our numbers are being noticed. (I’m only a new user, but it’s actually the lack of this feature that put me off for so long).