Attaching files to notes

Hi, I would very much like the option to attach a file or photograph to my notes as I go along as opposed to adding separately to the files sections. I think this woudl make for clearer notes rather than the disjointed way we have to do things at the moment.


Yes this would be great!

Yes, this would be very helpful

+1 for me - makes so much more sense

I also agree that this would be a great thing to add

Fantastic addition! :heart::heart::heart:

This has been requested a few times before and is still a brilliant idea. Is there any update on when this may become a reality?

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I asked and got this answer

“I’ve seen a handful of requests for this over the past few years so it might be best to post on our feature request forum. We regularly use the request forum to gauge interest in various features.”

I don’t know how many requests are required but pass the message on.

Yes particularly when patients present with a long list of medications that can be scanned/attached to a notes template.

Agreed - it would be excellent to have both options. Some files attached to the note (e.g. photos or something to do with that particular session) and some files in the files section (e.g. reports).

Yes please! I really want this feature!

+1 for this feature. Allows for word files, photos, sketches, etc…

Yes, another user here who really wants this. It’s the main thing that’s tempting me to use Halaxy rather than Cliniko; I would really like to attach writing samples, homework PDFs, etc to specific notes, rather than a client’s file. It’s inefficient this way.

Agree this would be very useful to have within treatment notes to keep it all together

Massive yes to this! Considering swapping platforms since I cant put photos into the notes. It is impracticle to have them in files when they are directly referred to in the notes as they are progress shots.

Agree with this option, would be useful