Attaching Documents to Appointment Notes


Hey there,

Just wondering if it would be possible to attach a document to a specific treatment note. As Cliniko bundles all the patient documents in to one repository, it becomes difficult to find the document you’re after for a specific course of treatment. It would be good if you could upload and attach the document during note drafting. Then have the file upload in to the usual area but have a link to the document in the note as well.

This would allow finding the current referral from a GP much faster and give scans or reports some contact to an episode of care.


Can I second this request? Sometimes I’ll draw a diagram, take a photo or the client and I will fill in a particular worksheet or handout, content of which is really pertinent to what happened in that session. It would be good to be able to see these on a per-session basis rather than dig through one big ‘bin’.


Can I reply to my own post??? I’m not sure but lets go!

We’ve just waded in to the NDIS in Australia and have discovered we need a signed document for each service delivery we do. The ability to group documents to appointments or a series of services have just become that little bit more important!

Our current work around is to have a timetable saved in their file, export it to an editor on our ipad, have them sign it, reupload it to their file and delete the previous version. Not exactly a smooth process and would love the ability to just attach it to the appointment as we go, then just have a dump of the individual files in the files section.


Another +1 for this request! It would be great if we could access the document/attachment via a direct link from the notes - I deal with skin diseases quite a bit and it would be nice to see how a patient improves with a specific treatment / appointment.


+1 for this topic - came on to write my own post but found this one

I would also like to be able to attach photos to appointment/treatment notes. Often the thing we are treating is visible and would like to be able to track changes over time - eg skin lesions/ulcers

We also use treatment note templates as a patient report for other health care practitioners and would like to include a photo in the report.