Attach photos to treatment notes

Not sure if this has been mentioned specifically yet, but it would be incredibly helpful to be able to upload a photo directly to a treatment note. We run a speech pathology clinic with 27 clinicians doing a lot of literacy intervention (writing stories,essays, spelling).
It would be an absolute God send to just take a picture of the work, rather than having to type out exactly what the child did. I imagine this would also be extremely helpful for OTs working on letter formations, pencil grips etc. I’m sure even GPS and cosmetic health practitioner would be able to benefit from this feature (taking pictures of rashes or lesions) or any profession that requires before and after shots.
The case files are a great idea, and I love that pictures can be uploaded that way but we see our clients weekly for years so the case file would get inundated. It would be great to be able to just attached a picture to note directly.

Pretty please could we have a feature like this!
Thank you! :smile:


Hi @Ildi! We definitely you to be able to add images to treatment notes. This is something that we intend on making available, I just don’t have an ETA on it. We know it’s would make note-taking easier, though, and we do have plans to make this happen! We’ll certainly let everyone know when it’s available!



This is amazing! And thank you so much for the reply. I really wasn’t expecting that.

We shall keep our fingers crossed in anticipation!

Hi @emily It has been a little while since this was posted. I too would like to have this feature. I would like to be able to attach a photograph or file to the notes directly so it can be associated directly with that treatment episode as opposed to trying to link files attached to treatment record.

Hello ! I too would love this feature

+1 from me too thanks

Anyone from Cliniko looking at this thread?