Assigning clients to a practitioner

I want to be able to assign clients to a particular practitioner. It would be really helpful to be able to pull up a current client list and to be able to assign new client to a practitioner to keep track of caseloads

When we get a new referral we assign it to a practitioner so they can contact them to organise the initial appointment. We currently keep a separate assigned participants list in excel to keep track of who is in a practitioners assigned list. This helps the practitioners keep track of their clients so they know who they need to contact and who to follow up. When they leave the company we also use this to redistribute their clients to other practitioners.

It would be more streamlined for us if there was a feature in Cliniko to attach a client to a practitioner (or multiple practitioners would be ideal). Then all those attached clients could come up in one list under that practitioner with the link to their profile. It would save so much time if we could get this function. Even if the current Cases function could have an extra option of assigning that Case to a practitioner and then once assigned all the practitioners cases are grouped together that would make it easier to track a caseload.