Assign multiple referrers to clients


Hi cliniko, I would really like the ability to assign multiple referrers to clients as management of complex health conditions usually requires a multidisciplinary team.


I’d like this too. Sometimes the initial referrer is just the GP the client happened to see on the day, but their preferred referrer enters the treatment cycle later.


I agree! Not only for multidisciplinary care but also for workers compensation cases where numerous parties (GP/specialist/RTW Provider/Insurance Company/Employer Representative) all want to receive the updates!


Yes agreed - we have an urgent need for multiple “Contacts” for clients including GP, Oncologist, Carer, Care provider etc.


100% agree! We also urgently need this feature as many of our patients have multiple specialists who we need to collaborate with.


And there is another separate feature requests for multiple contacts so there’s others who need this too.

Simplest solution is to allow mutliple contacts for a client and to display the Contacts “occupation” on the client record when looking at it (like you do age) with the underline link to the contact record so you have easy access from the client to the contact for communications etc.

Please, please, please consider this one - thanks.