Assign Clients to a Practitioner

Is there any way or workaround for assigning clients to specific practitioners. All my practitioners service the same clients until there are discharged unless there is a coverage need or the client switches providers.

It would be great if I can assign the practitioner maybe even in the Cases tab or client detail area, being able to assign a client to a practitioner type Speech versus OT if you have a multidisciplinary clinic would be a helpful next step. Perhaps then it would be easy to run reports or data export to manage caseloads by a practitioner.

It would be great to be able to sort clients by practitioner and type overall.


Please please can we have this feature. Downloading patient attachments is nightmare when clinicians leave the practice as there is no way to just download the files for a single clinician.

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+1 - this would be extremely useful. Also the option to limit viewing of clients by practitioners only to those they’re treating!