Archive Vs. Delete. Can we go back to how it was?


Hi guys,

Me and my team have been mentioning how confusing the new “Archive” option is since it’s replaced the Delete option.

We all find that the word “Delete” makes way more sense and would not cause confusion like “Archive” does.

Any chance that this could be reverted?



Hi, @SDT! Bart from Cliniko Support here. I’m afraid we do not have plans to change that back. We changed the terminology because we wanted to differentiate data we can recover versus data we cannot. When we say “delete” it is GONE, like gone gone :). Archive means that we can still recover it from our side and it comes in handy when you accidentally archive something. We wrote an article explaining the difference which is helpful.


Copy that. Thanks Bart. I remember when you guys came up with the new “archive” and have read it before, but because my therapists kept getting confused and making mistakes, I thought I’d mention it in the hopes other people would agree with us. :wink:


Thanks for revisiting @SDT - it is something we discuss and refer to also with our therapists.