"Archive" replacing certain "Delete" options


When you “delete” something, usually you expect that item to be gone FOREVER – right :thinking:?

While this was the case for certain items, if you “deleted” things like individual Appointments, Treatment Notes, and Products – it didn’t necessarily mean gone for good. These were actually considered “soft deleted”, meaning they are recoverable and we’re seen in your Data Exports when you “included deleted records”:

It’s only when something is “hard deleted” that it is no longer recoverable.

So to prevent confusion we have now renamed certain Delete buttons/options to Archive.

Archive means you are not permanently deleting an item but removing it from the patient’s file and your account so that it does not affect any of your Reports. Archived items can still be seen when you generate a Data Export – but instead of “including deleted records” it’ll state “include archived records”.

So if you see a delete option now, it means it won’t be recoverable or viewable in Data Exports. You know… like the original definition of “delete” :joy:!