Appointments Scedule request: FORTNIGHTLY option

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Hi Joel & team, please add to the appointments schedule ‘FORTNIGHTLY’ option. At the moment there’s daily, weekly & monthly options. But sooo many cliniko users would love the fortnightly option because they pay clinicians fortnightly per client, and use the appointments schedule to match the two together. Thankyou, you’re doing a great job during Covid-19:) Michael - Gateway Physio

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Hi Michael!

We actually do have a way for you to do this right now in Cliniko :smile: We have an article that can walk you through it! You may need to scroll down a bit to see the fortnightly option:

The gist of it, would be to select the weekly option, and then you will be asked how often you’d like that appointment to repeat (Repeat every is the field name!) and you can choose 2. This means that appointment will repeat every 2 weeks!

Details and screen shots are in the article above!

I hope this helps,

Hi Jason thanks for your reply. Yes I was aware of that article which
is for creating recurring appointments schedules fortnightly.

What I and many others need though is in the ‘reports’ section, for
creating a report fortnightly ‘reports/appointments/appointment
schedules’. In that section there’s only daily, weekly or monthly
options. A fortnightly option there would be so helpful as we look
into there when paying our staff fortnightly to calculate the # of
clients they’ve seen. I hope its possible?

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Hi Again!

We do have a couple reports that may help get the answers you need! The practitioner performance report allows you to choose a timeframe and it will show you how many appointments each practitioner had, how much revenue came in from those practitioners, and some other details you may find useful.

Here is a sample of the details you would get from this report:

You can specify the timeframe you are looking for as well (You can see the dates I selected at the top of the screen)! To generate this report, head to Reports -> Performance (Under practitioners)

Another report that could help is the Practice revenue report. This report will break down your total revenue over a series of dates, including any remaining outstanding balances from invoices that have been created, but not yet paid.

Do either of these reports help you?


Hi Jason, firstly thanks heaps for your time and effort in seeking out
a solution for me, I really appreciate it. Your suggestions were very
good but haven’t quite solved the issue. What I’m looking for is a
breakdown of ‘appointment type’ fortnightly, I’ve attached a
screenshot to demonstrate.

Your suggestions showed some great ways to retrieve fortnightly
financial breakdowns, but its the appointment type breakdowns i’m
after since we dont do our financials through Cliniko.

Cliniko is already set up to give daily, weekly & monthly appointment
type breakdowns, I’d imagine it shouldnt take a lot to add fortnightly
into the mix given that Cliniko do it already in other reports.

Many thanks again for continuing to try and solve my feature request.

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