Appointment time slots


I have a practitioner who has started working with us recently who wants to run 20/40 minute appointments, while the rest of the clinic operates on 30/60 minute time slots.

I’m quite happy for her to do this, the Cliniko diary, however, is less enthused.

The main issue is that it’s difficult to get the appointments to go in the appropriate time slot. If I have 30 minute time slots then 20 minute appointments will only book in at 30 minute intervals. If I make it 10 minute slots then appointments can be booked leaving useless gaps in between (particularly annoying for online bookings).

The best solution I have been able to come up with is to use 10 minute time slots, set all appointment types to 15 minutes and add in a ‘break’ for 15 minutes at the end of each time slot for 30 minute appointments, and a 5 minute break for 20 minute appointments.

Before I go through the painstaking process of entering 15 breaks a day for every practitioner, I was hoping someone might have come up with an easier way of managing this.

Cliniko, if it’s a feature you guys want to add, I think the solution would be to have the option of a different time slot size for each practitioner.

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Hey @JackFitz

Using 10 minute time slots should work for you here as those slots do not have a bearing on when an appointment can be booked via online. That is dictated by an individual practitioners ‘Default appointment type’. Send us through an email via or hit the Chat with us from within your account and we can help guide you some more here.

We’d also be unlikely to be able to change that setting on a per practitioner basis as it would make a real mess of the calendar.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the help. Turns out that problem I was anticipating doesn’t exist.


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