Appointment schedule - clearer day distinguisnment

Currently the vertical lines on the appointment schedule have a solid line between days and dashed between practitioners on a given day.

The more practitioners there are, and the more filled the appointments are (especially when unavailable blocks are added), then the harder it is to easilyy distinguish between when a column changes from 1 day to the next (without looking to the top header al the time).

Could the line breaking day-day be made more bolded by any chance to clearly show the break in days on a quick glance

This wasn’t an issue with 2 practitioners, but with 3 i’m finding it more need to look up to the top all the time to check who/what day im looking at!


I totally agree and I have mentioned this before. We have sometimes 5 practitioners on and the columns should be in bold to break up each day. Very difficult to tell and can cause inaccurate bookings!!

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Yes, I agree. Also, with the times all the way on the left, its really hard to see at a glance the open times all the way to the RHS of the screen for Fri and weekend too.