Appointment reminders - Font size and lack of contact details


Cliniko team and all users, is everyone happy with the font size of your printed reminder slips? The reminder slips I print out for my elderly patients (majority of them over 65 years of age - still using landline with no mobile or email) is extremely tiny in font with absolutely no contact details attached - Location yes, but no phone details. This means I have to print out in A4 which wastes a large amount of paper (yay for those trees eh!) and the font size is still unreadable for most, even myself without closer inspection. One would expect at least a phone number on their reminder appointment slips. It is unprofessional and requires a lot of patience for patients that complain about this. Surely something can be done without wasting more paper.


I also want to add that technology has come so far yet we can’t change the font of this or add a contact phone number for our clinic. So much for technology eh!


What’s a printed reminder slip? Where do you get that from?
Do you print the list of future appointments?

We write the next appointment on an appointment card and give it to them!

However you could create a Letter Tenplate with all your practice details and use the to put name and next appointment down. There’s an even next appointment location so it doesn’t even need the letterhead actually if it contains all you need.
You can control font size with the header or normal options?


Hi Mike,

My patients are rebooked in three months advance. I print them out a reminder slip that has the date, time, location and specialist they are to see on their next appointment. Location of these is in the patients file under their appointments. Up the top there is a print tab which will do their upcoming appointment. This is much more quicker than the letter template. It just does not contain our contact number or options on changing font. To me those two things are pretty important - my contact details more so. Font is also an issue as most of my patients are over 65 so their vision is not too good. My vision also struggles when the font is a size 10 or 11.


Hi everyone, we provide all those requested features here and much more in Cliniq Apps automatically. Check here.