Appointment Problem Needs Fixing!


This past week I had a new patient attend my office un-announced yet with a print out of the appointment details (location, time, etc).

The new patient had been waiting for 30 minutes to see me and wasn’t happy that I was late (for an appointment I wasn’t aware of - not in my schedule and with no email communication)…

I checked my schedule again and no booking, no email received at my end.

Without knowing who made the error, I apologized for making her wait, squeezed her in and didn’t charge her (lost $100).

I chatted online with Marcus (at Cliniko) and asked him to check the patient’s name and email address. There was no record of either in the system.

I emailed a photo of the print out to Marcus and asked him “how could someone print out this information without completing the information form?”

He suggested that she may have done some cutting and pasting but when I contacted the patient she denied it. The patient was actually an IT person in cardiology apps - she denied having to complete personal information fields and somewhat upset at the suggestion she did something wrong.


This incident illustrates that it is possible for a patient to print out appointment summary information WITHOUT completing the personal information form.

As a result of the ability to print out an appointment summary - the patient is led to believe he/she has completed an appointment booking without any communication to the clinician. (the clinician has no knowledge of the appointment).

Clinicians like me have no way to prevent this from happening because it’s beyond our control.

At present there is nothing to prevent this from recurring for all Cliniko users.


Patients should NOT be able to print out any appointment information (and consequently assume their appointment is confirmed) until they have completed all required personal information fields.

If a patient attempts to submit/book an appointment and has NOT completed all required fields, (1) a pop up should appear immediately stating “you must complete all required fields to complete the booking process. This appointment cannot be confirmed until all fields are complete.”

Terry Kane