Appointment info on a treatment note

To help you understand where I am coming from, I am referring to the three tabs on the right side of an active treatment note (Previous note, patient info and appointments)

The Appointments tab ( on right hand side) during an active treatment note will only list previous appointment dates and the current appointment. It does not list future scheduled appointments.

If you want to know your patient’s future appointments you have to refer to appointments on the left hand side which means coming out of the active treatment note or opening another web browser and checking the appointments from there.

This is really time consuming and can cause the clinician to have to ask the patient if they have any future appointments when under time constraints which does not look good from the patients perspective and also runs the risk of effecting the schedule.

This surely is an easy fix and will help practitioners know exactly where the patients are with respect to treatment plans and future appointments when sitting face to face with the patients and working under pressure and time constraints.

Thank you

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