Appointment Fixes


We’ve released some fixes for some pesky bugs affecting Appointments. These fixes involve the Appointments Page, Appointments Report, and reminders for Appointments from archived locations.

Appointments Page
We’ve fixed the code that was miscalculating today’s date on the calendar (indicated by a red line). Instead of using your profile or user time zone, it would use your computer’s time zone. This means the red line would sometimes be on a previous/next day depending on the time zone differences.

We’ve also addressed the calendar bug that caused new calendar events that overlapped to appear on top of each other instead of side by side. This also fixed the related bug that would keep an event taking only half the column when an overlapping one is deleted.

Appointment Schedule Report
The Appointment Schedule Report no longer includes attendees of group appointments that are marked as Did Not Arrive.

Archived Locations and Appointment Reminders
Reminders will no longer be sent for appointments at archived businesses. This is how it worked previously but there was a bug that briefly allowed reminders to go out for archived locations.

All these quirks shouldn’t pop-up for you any longer but if they do… please immediately put them in timeout and notify their guardians (i.e. Support Team). We’ll handle any further discipline :joy:.