Appointment confirmation button

I think you should have an appointment confirmation button.

And show the confirmation with an icon beside the patients name at the agenda.

Just to make sure who is really confirmed and who migth not show up.


An appointment confirmation button would be great. If the patient replies y to a reminder sms it turns green similar to the patient icon for arrival. This would save a lot of time.

Hi provides this feature.

Yes! Having this simple feature would be a great help. Just because reminders go out, doesn’t mean patients are still going to attend their appoitment, especially for those appointments made months in advance.

We certainly need this feature in our clinic - we have just been adding a note to the appointment but a confirmation button would be amazing as we also add notes to the appointment and the words then become combined. Having the button would also make it easier for all who access the appointment log to see who has confirmed and who hasn’t then who needs a reminder call.

it would also be good to have an integration from the reply sms when a patient confirms Y or N to automatically integrate with their appointment. but also receiving confirmation for this who have cancelled.

Wow, that’s something I have been asking for.