Appointment Alert

It would be really handy - especially for admin support - when booking an appointment when on a busy reception desk - to have an appointment alert popping up when booking a client in, instead of taking time to accessing client file for any notes/medical alerts etc.

Perhaps a symbol next to the name where you have the symbols for online booking, arrive/did not arrive, notes and payments. Or another field on the appointment where you have Notes, Forms etc.

Appointment alert examples would be something like - 40 minute appointments only, preferred clinician, medical alert extra equipment needed etc.

This will make diary management more fluent and minimize booking errors as well as prepping for appointments ahead of scheduled time with regards to consumables/equipment/room availability (wheelchair access etc).

Would this be possible?

Thank you.

Hi Bernadette! You can do that using appointment notes. The note will appear on all of a patient’s appointments, as well as during the booking process right after you select the patient’s name.

Here’s some more info for you on how to set that up:

Thank you Martina.
We do utilize this function already, however we are after something more of an “Alert” status - a different colour to catch you eye or a symbol. We have a few clients with a couple of appointment notes already and don’t want an alert to get lost within the note section - at first glance it needs to direct the admin team to act accordingly with this particular appointment - if that makes sense!

I do appreciate your reply.
Thank you.

That makes sense!

We have two versions of appointment notes: one is set on the patient’s profile, and is applied to all of their appointments. We recommend this one for notes like preferred clinician, etc.

We also have appointment notes that are specific to the appointment, which can be set on the appointment itself. This type of note will appear only on the appointment you’ve added it to, and in a different spot to the permanent appointment note.

A mix of both types of notes might help - some would then be “alerts” and others appointment-specific.