Any Users in the UK and invoicing BUPA question


Hi there
Just starting out with Cliniko. Are there any users with clinics in the UK that their clinicians are treatment providers for BUPA? Just found out that BUPA will not accept any invoices generated by cliniko and BUPA do not provide an email address to use to send invoices via Cliniko. Which means that we have to generate invoices on cliniko (for accounting purposes as all other invoices are generated using cliniko) and then double up and go on BUpa providers online to bill for the treatment sessions separately - which is very time consuming and not very efficient.

Surely there must be other users in the UK that are treatment providers for bupa and so have this issue - just wondering how other clinics are dealing with this and if are there any other solutions please or integrations out there please?
The CLiniko team suggested I message the cliniko community for help/ ideas.
Thanks in advance


Hi Aoiffe,

Unfortunately we have the same issue - it is time consuming, and far less efficient than if BUPA offered an email address like some other insurers do. One way we’ve reduced the time taken for this however is to submit groups of invoices per patient on one BUPA Providers online form. So at the beginning where it asks for an invoice number, we just put in all the invoice numbers separated by a comma. Then when you’re adding in treatments we change the dates to match up and the total amount for the invoice on BUPA comes to the total amount of that patient’s invoices for a given month. Hope this is helpful!