An update about COVID-19 & Cliniko

Hi everyone,

Many are probably wondering how the current COVID-19 world events will affect Cliniko, as you rely on it daily in your business. I was planning to write a “business as usual” type post to share with you all, as we’re a completely remote team, and already everybody works from home.

It’s far from business as usual though. There’s uncertainty over the coming months. People with children are accomodating school closures. There’s a shortage of household supplies. Social events and public activities are cancelled. These are not normal times, and even though our way of working allows us to handle this in our stride, everyone is affected by this.

We are still providing 24/5 support, we’re still developing and advancing Cliniko every day, none of that is changing. But are we as productive as usual? probably not. We’re distracted, we’re concerned, and we’re doing what we can to help our families, the community, and others.

You can of course rely on us during these tough times, but I’d be lying to claim “Business as usual”.

Another key change, is we’re 100% focused on how we can help you through this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s likely that many health businesses will need to work in different ways than they’re used to (ie. Telehealth). We are re-evaluating our priorities, and shifting all work to things that we believe will be most impactful for you in the coming months.

We’re also putting together some guides to help you manage your business through this period. How to use Cliniko to communicate with your patients, amongst other things. We’ll be making a strong effort to share useful information with you, without just adding to the noise. We’ll also be sharing what we’ve learned being a remote company for the past 10 years. You’ll find all this information in our new COVID-19 & Cliniko hub. We’ll also be sharing this information via our usual channels (like this community site).

I wish you all the best in the coming months, and please let us know how we can help.