Allocate online schedule to appointment types

Hi development team: It would be nice to be able to allocate online schedule times to certain appointment types. We now have patients book in in the middle of a break/new patient time and we would like to cluster book as much as possible. But we can’t block off any times for new patients and for regular visits. Would that be an option for you to introduce? Who is also interested in getting this feature?


Yes this would be a great feature, often i get new patient bookings sequentially booked, which is a practical nightmare as new patients require more time (re: check in & new billing). I also dislike having new clients booked in as the first appointment of the day as it is likely they arrive too early etc when the offices haven’t been opened etc.

Also, any free time slots that are needed to be used for existing clients ongoing care, get snapped up by new client bookings when capacity is not ready to take them on. So the new clients then have to wait 4-5 weeks for their next follow up appointment.