ALL the feature requests from the old community


I bet it feels nice for the Cliniko team to start with a clean slate in regards to Feature Requests, but as a user I not so happy about it. I’ve spent years combing through the old list and upvoting the features that I would like to see in Cliniko someday. Now, all that’s gone.


It’s far from gone, we still have it and will be using it. The problem with the old list is that for a long time it was just ordered by total number of votes. Meaning most new people just kept revoting on the top items without seeing many new posts.

We know there was a disconnect from that order to what we hear elsewhere.

Getting a clean new list to feel good is not the goal here, we think this will work better.

Also, again, the old list is still available to us and valuable. That time you spent was not wasted.