All-New Practitioner Performance Reports!


Over the past few months, several of our customers have been concerned about the, well, performance of the Practitioner Performance report. While we made several improvements to it over time, we eventually discovered that in some cases there was just too much data for Cliniko to sift through in order to assemble the report. In these cases the dreaded “503” timeout error shows up on your screen.

After much pondering and working behind the scenes, we have rewriten the Practitioner Report so that most of the work described above happens in the background. Now, when you access the link to the report you should see something like this:

As mentioned at the top of the report, you can select a date range for the report and click the button to ask Cliniko to begin generating it. You’ll see a section for the new report appear below, almost similar to how data exports work. Once you start to generate the report, after a few seconds to a few minutes, it will finish and the screen will change to present you with “View” and “Delete” buttons for each report. Here’s an example with a couple of reports already generated:

If you click “View” on one of those reports, you’ll be taken to a screen that’s very similar to the Performance Reports you are used to. The same data summary and the same charts will be visible, like this:

As you can see above, you can filter the report by practitioner and business in real time, just like before!

The main difference here is that the hard work that goes into making the report has already been performed in the background, making the process of formatting this data for display faster and much easier to optimize in the future. There’s a couple of things to watch out for with this version, though:

  • Once generated, the report is not updated in real time! This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just looking into the past, but if for some reason the appointments or invoices on the covered date range change, you should generate a new report.

  • The number of appointments in the summary and charts does not include cancellations and appointments marked as “Did Not Arrive”! The percentages shown besides each of these numbers in the summary are in relation to the total number of appointments in the covered interval, including cancellations and appointments marked “Did Not Arrive”.

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