All new Kiosk with Call Button + Patient Forms

Does it sometimes happen that your front desk is unattended? Or does it get too busy for your team?

Well, You can now have a digital friend who can help. We have re-written our Kiosk from the ground up. It has many new features and is fully customisable.

Patients now can:

:rocket: Check-in
:rocket: Book appointments
:rocket: Fill forms
:tada: Call your desired phone number by pressing a button on the Kiosk.
:tada: We have also given you two ‘customisable buttons’ that you can define as you require. You can use them for deliveries, general enquiries, or any other action that you need.

Please have a chat with us at; we will help you set it up.

Your time belongs to you. :rocket:

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Great improvements! Highly recommend Cliniq Apps

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