All locations on one page

Just wondering whether it would be possible to have a button to click to show all my different (4) locations’ diaries or a choice of them on a single page.

I move rapidly between different clinic settings, some of which are in the same building but technically for a different business so have to separate the diary into different ‘locations’ then shuffle people from one to the other if they book online but are actually coming to the other business (complicated but necessary to avoid double bookings. )

An option to show all locations on one page would make it much easier to be able to avoid clashes when booking without having to keep jumping from diary to diary.


Yes, thank you Alex, I requested the same improvement a few months ago. I have 3 locations and having the possibility to view the full week on 1 page of a particular practitioner with for example a different background colour per location would be so much easier to book and navigate through the diary, especially when used by an online receptionist who may not remember the locations of every practitioner. Thank you


When will this feature be available?


Yes id like to see this too, is there an update on this feature to be added?


this would be helpful.


I have requested this also! It would make life so much easier for everyone no doubt!
The ability to include all locations when adding ‘unavailable’ time to the calendar would be ideal also, rather than switching between all locations and adding the annual/conference leave individually.


Having all locations for one practioner on one page would make booking and navigation much quicker and clearer. Thank you.

This would be so helpful!

This isn’t the only time it’s been requested either. Clinician diary view to see different locations for one clinician in one view