Alerts for hitting certain # of appointments

A feature that would be so helpful to those of us working under Medicare, TAC and no doubt other funding platforms is alert when you reach a certain number of sessions.
EG for a mental health care plan, you you opt to set and alert when someone gets to 6 and 10 sessions. But for an EPC/CDC where you only get 5 sessions, you can set an alert for 5 sessions.
If someone saw someone else for, say, 3 session, you would be able to set the alert to pop up at the appropriate time. This would also help admin, as you can set the pop up at 7 sessions (eg for a MHCP) and they know to ask the client for it.


+1 - great idea - would love to see this implemented.

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oh yes please- Im forever going back and seeing dates etc and I do 1/5 or 2/5 visits in their notes but having it pop up or in a special alert box would be fantastic!
I would also love a way to be alerted as to when a repeat outcome measure should be performed - could be time based (ie montly) or visit based (after 4 visits) - having that pop up for reception and therapists would be fantastic

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Yes please! It’s so hard keeping track of which appointment number which client is up to

This would be a VERY useful feature!!!

I agree with all of the comments, but would add that it would be helpful to be able to stipulate what appointment types or billing codes are included in the count - that way we could exclude privately billed appointments or invoices for cancellations from the count and make sure it is accurate. Without this, I would need to be checking manually to make sure.