Admin column on daily schedule

I would LOVE to have an admin column on the main page of Cliniko, next to the practioner’s schedule. We leave lots of “Unavailable” blocks with notes every day like “call this patient back”, “manager on break”, “manager out of office between these times”, “call Telstra,” “patient popping in to pay for last weeks session” etc, and I would love to have a separate column to keep everything clean, but so all practitioners can keep track of what’s happening on our end while they’re treating patients. At the moments our notes are very scattered, but it’s still easier than using a separate program and forgetting to check it.

Please consider this feature for us admin guys, as we definitely use the daily spread the most!
Vanessa :smiley:


I’ve been putting the notes in the ‘unavailable’ slots if I wan’t a physio to call a patient or need to remind them to complete reports.
An Admin diary would be very useful though.

We have set up an Admin column by setting up a Practitioner called “Admin”. This obviously only works if you are not using all of your Practitioner allocations though…


I would find this very helpful too - I have additional ‘unavailable’ blocks everywhere on my calendar. Additionally, when I view my Cliniko calendar in iCal, the content of ‘unavailable’ blocks does not show up so I can’t read my admin when accessing via iCal.

Yes please!
We have to have a separate communications sheet so having it all in one place would be perfect.

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Yeah, I just recently set up the fake practitioner too and it’s working relatively well. I still sometimes forget to look at the notes though because the unavailable blocks don’t stand out much… Having our own column would be great though, with a feature that is similar to the “arrived” button, but along the lines of a “task completed” button. We can just reschedule the ones that haven’t been completed.

Actually this would be handy. Possibly move the calendar on the left side of the appointments to the top bar, and replace it with a “Notes or Reminders” section that can be actioned. This would be especially handy to remember generic things, or for communication between staff.

Great gap in work flow to draw attn to!
I wonder if adding an extra column on the appt diary will make it even more squashed than it is now - perhaps an Admin tab within the left blue panel with an alert if there is something to action against that date? Or a clickable alert icon against an appt that needs action?
To work around this I created a client called Notes and an appt type called Notes, choosing a vivid purple so it would stand out. We add this ‘appt’ before the relevant day’s first booking. Not ideal but functions!

That’s a fair point. At this point we don’t have many practitioners, but I suppose if we did it would be quite squashed. I like this client called Notes idea!! Definitely going to try that!

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We would love this as well!! Would be a huge plus! If there could be a blank appointment slot with type vs typing a message in the grey “unavailable” slot and then staff would know it is a message. it would allow for multiple messages as well.
Thank you!! Beth.