Additional Fields in Patient Details


We are hoping to see some additional fields added to the patient details page where we can add in a Workcover claim number and another field for the patients regular doctor (rather than just referring Doctor).

Thanks in advance.



No practice is the same and with the ability to add custom fields to patient details screen would be amazing. Some practices work with Workcover some more with NDIS or other organisations.

This could be added under Settings > Clients and be called “Custom Patient Fields” It would also be great if when you are creating a new patient field, you could also set a “Merge Name” with a max of 18 Characters somehting like “WCClaim#” or “NDIS#” or even “PrimaryGuardian” so you can call on it dynamically inside of Letters, Treatment notes and emails based on the patient in question.

Also this could be pulled out through the API to other integrated apps that might work specifically around Workcover Claim numbers, NDIS Numbers or some other custom field.