Additional field on the Online Booking form


Wondering if other Cliniko customers have an additional data collection need in the online booking form?
For me, I would like the client to enter the referral source and would like to see the field inserted in the Additional Information section of the online booking form - I would want to label the field ‘Referred By’.
I am aware that it is possible for the practitioner to enter a referral source into the client database, but firstly, I don’t want to ask the client in case they don’t want to surrender that information, and secondly, I’m too busy to do the data entry.
It is far preferable to me to collect this directly from the client, at their discretion, when they create the appointment.
I thought that Cliniko could make this parametric to maximise its adaptability by their customers. Other customers may want to collect other information. Hence if Cliniko provided a ‘user-defined’ field that can be configured to collect information, I could use it for ‘Referred By’ and others may use it for other purposes.
Is this of use to anyone else?


That would work for me.


would love the referral source