Adding time between appointments

I was previously using the ical option for appointment bookings and it is a popular feature for clients. However, I was recently advised to turn it off as it created confusion for clients about their appointment duration. Since Clinko does not offer another means to ‘protect’ time in between clients (for cleaning and charting) - I’ve was advised by Cliniko to artificially load the “appointment duration” time to account for cleaning/charting. When clients would book their appointments and the booking would include the ical entry, the entry would include the full appointment duration (including cleaning/charting time) and the client would get confused about the duration of the appointment. So… I turned that feature off. However, the iCal entry is still available on the booking confirmation screen thus still leading to confusion for clients. A feature that would allow the automatic addition of a time block to appointments without including this in communications/ical entries available by the client would be very useful.


I agree this would be so much better if you could choose how much time to block out after the appointment especially with covid as we now have to allow additional cleaning and ventilation time between clients. I’ve seen this work well for other systems and although there’s a workaround at the moment I hope Cliniko can prioritise this for implementation.

Cliniko, any comment on this? It’s really frustrating having to use workarounds to what should be a simple addition to the software

I am very glad I stumbled upon this topic during the trial period. We were assessing Cliniko and this would have been disastrous for the clinicians with back to back bookings and no admin / report writing time.

Also seeing that Cliniko doesn’t respond to questions is also a sign we should look elsewhere.

Just wondering what happens to these feature requests. If Cliniko does not respond does that mean they have shot the idea down? I am trying to be patient but with no info, I may need to start looking at alternative programs.