Adding Multiple Contacts


Hey there,

We have patients on workcover who has their own GP, case manager and often a surgeon. At the moment we can only attach a single contact to a patient file. It would be fantastic to be able to apply multiple instead of having to cut and past info into a patients note section of their file.


We have the insurer details under billing information. The insurer is a secondary email and invoices are sent out by “emailing other”.
Add extra invoice info ie, client name, claim number, practitioners name and provider number which will show in the email subject line


Hi, at our clinic we have clients that have multiple contacts, GP, Surgeon, Oncologist, Radiation specialist, Carer/s, Care Providers to name but a few.

We totally support this reqest, it would be so helpful if we could have multiple contacts for Clients, rather than have to put them in notes, so they can be reused.

Would also love if the Contacts Occupation could be displayed on the Client record too please.