Adding an option to mark a patient as DECEASED

Although it is possible to Archive a patient, sometimes this may not be suitable, so having a button to tick for a patient who dies would be useful. Once this is selected perhaps a suffix can do after their name i.e. Julie Hjorth (deceased) and possibly also the patient file could be a different colour.

My main concerns are to have this option remove this patient from the email, text, mailing and birthday lists, whilst having the ability to easily access their file or billing if needed.

Also an option to add a note on the deceased statement as the cause of death may be relevant to add to their notes

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Hey, @Julie_Hjorth Thanks so much for your feedback. You’ve pretty much described what I typically recommend, which is to add “[DECEASED]” to the patient’s last name, for example, and archive them.

That makes it more visible, while also having that patient show as “grayed out” in the Patients list. Archiving a deceased patient would also remove them from most automated communications (with one notable exception being appointment reminders for upcoming bookings for that patient that might still be on your calendar, though the “Appointment notes” section of that patient’s details can help make staff aware in case one of those get missed). It should also remove them from Mailchimp, if you use that integration, for example.

I realize that’s a few more steps than a simple “deceased” toggle that incorporates all of those things, but hopefully not something that too frequently needs to be done.

In this case, since we can accomplish most of what you’re wanting via the steps above, it’s not something high on our list, as we want to be careful about adding too many one-click options to Cliniko that might not be frequently used. That said, if you wouldn’t mind explaining a bit more about how you think a specific option to mark a patient as deceased would help you accomplish your goals, we’d love to hear your feedback on that :+1: